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Who we are...



The following are committed to work together at the core of this project through regular shared engagements with the Qu'ran, Tanakh and Christian Bible:


Professor Dr. Dr. Paul Weller

A Christian in the Baptist (and via marriage and family, also Catholic) tradition of Christianity

Director, Religion and Belief Research and Training Ltd (contracted to facilitate the setting up of the project)

Research Fellow in Religion and Society, Regent’s Park College University of Oxford

Emeritus Professor, University of Derby

Visiting Professor, Research Institute for Peace, Security and Social Justice, Coventry University


Prof. Dr. Paolo Branca

Christian in the (Roman) Catholic tradition of Christianity

Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Catholic University of Milan  


Julian Bond

Works for the Methodist Church, former Director of UK Christian-Muslim Forum in the UK   


Dr. Antonio Cuciniello

Christian in the (Roman) Catholic tradition of Christianity

Research Fellow, Catholic University of Milan  


Rabiha Hannan 

A Muslim, pharmacist by training, MA in Muslim Community Studies 

PhD Candidate researching Islam and Gender at the University of Leeds.  

Co-founder and Trustee of New Horizons in British Islam.   

Co-ordinator of The Respect Programme. 

TEDx ‘You don’t need to be afraid of reform’: 


Associate Prof. Dilwar Hussain

Muslim who was founding Chair of New Horizons in British Islam 

Associate Professor, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University  

Independent Consultant  


Rabbi Allen Maller

Jewish Rabbi in the Reform tradition   


Rabbi Jackie Tabick 

Rabbi of West Central Liberal Synagogue  

Convenor of the Beit Din for British Reform Judaism and European Movement for Progressive Judaism.  

Co-President World Congress of Faiths 

Patron JCORE (Jewish Council for Racial Equality) 


Emin Simsek

A Muslim and dentist by profession.

The project Steering Group will be supported and extended in its work by the contributions of a wider project Resource Group. This group is currently being established and those within it will, in due course, also be listed here.