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The Mercy of the God


It is proven with certainty in the Risale-i Nur that disbelief and deviation are grave insults to the universe and a huge injustice to Creation, and that they are a cause for the withholding of mercy and the imposition of calamities. Even the fish in the deep seas complain of such criminals. According to an authentic narration they say, “They destroyed our peace.” This being the case, someone who feels pity for the suffering of a disbeliever and extends compassion to him is in fact not feeling pity for the infinite number of innocents who deserve compassion; he fails in his duty of compassion to them and instead does them a grievous wrong. Of course, there are situations where calamities befall the deserving, but innocents also suffer alongside them. One cannot but feel pity for them. Yet there is a secret mercy for the innocents who suffer because of the punishments given to criminals.

Once upon a time, during the First World War, I was feeling deep anguish for the massacres and atrocities inflicted by the enemy on Muslims, especially the non-combatants and children. Because I am by nature very sensitive and compassionate, I was suffering beyond my capacity. Then suddenly it came to my heart that those slaughtered innocents were becoming martyrs, that their transient lives were being replaced by eternal ones, their property was becoming their charity and being exchanged for a permanent property. I then knew and developed a firm conviction that even if those innocents were non-believers, in the hereafter, in exchange for their suffering in this world, they would receive such rewards from the treasury of Divine mercy that if the curtain over the unseen were to be lifted before their eyes, those innocents would say, “O My Lord! Thank you, thank you.” In this way, I was relieved from the intense sorrow and pain caused by my excessive compassion.

Book Name : Kastamonu Lahikasi , Said Nursi

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