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Main Principles


Principles of the Bible, Qur’an and Tanakh Scriptural Resonance Project


The Scriptural Resonance Project aims to invite wide public engagement with the Bible, Tanakh and Qu’ran, as part of the shared heritage of humankind.  

Our invitation extends to those who understand themselves as practising Christians, Jews and Muslims; but also those who may not see themselves as believing or practising in these traditions, as well as to those of goodwill beyond them.  

Those who engage with the project are invited to join with the project’s Steering Group and Resource Team in our shared exploration of these scriptural texts. 

Our project is not claiming that the meaning of a verse, theme or person in one of the scriptures is necessarily “the same” in one or more of the other scriptures. But we are also not limiting the project merely to historical, linguistic or doctrinal comparisons. 

In speaking of “scriptural resonance” in our project, we recognise that there are distinctive "calls" that come to humankind in and through each of the scriptures. At the same time, we believe that these can “resonate” both with each other and with those who engage with and explore them in a spirit of openness. 

We affirm the integrity of each of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish traditions and of the scriptures associated with them. But we also believe that, through shared engagement with these scriptures, and the persons and themes to which they bear witness, our understanding can be enriched in ways that are not possible when approaching these scriptures from only within our individual traditions. 

We know that there are matters of concern and importance for and between Christians, Jews and Muslims which go beyond the scope of this project. But we believe that our project will make its best contribution also to those matters by remaining focused on this project’s specific vision. 

In seeking to realise this project vision, we are trying, to the best of our ability and understanding, to undertake work that we believe to be consistent with the purposes for humanity of the divine, whose blessing we seek upon, in and through the work of this project. 

The project has begun by working on some hundreds of verses that we have identified in the Bible, Tanakh and Qu’ran as having some potential resonance between them. In due course, it will go on also deal with themes (such as creation, prophets, forgiveness) and persons (such as Mary, Jesus, Isaac and Jacob) that are referred to in two or more of the scriptures.

The project aims to produce and/or make more widely to others, relevant accessible materials including printed and electronic publications and other resources.