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One God and Many Names - Allen Maller
As of 09.25 (UK time) on 28/06/2021, this piece has been updated at the request of Rabbi Allen, from the original deposited here to a later version. This later version includes cited input from our steering group colleague, Julian Bond, and also quotes from material by an Italian monk, Ludwig Monti, as supplied by our steering group colleague, Paolo Branca. 

It is now a key example of a piece of work which could in principle be developed as one of two different kinds of products related to the project, depending in the first instance on Rabbi Allen's own preferences as the original drafter of the piece and then, potentially, also on the the views of the steering group. That is to say it could either 

(a) continue to be developed as an authored piece by Rabbi Allen, under his name only, and be considered by the project for publication via the project website as a potentially relevant article, or:

(b) it could become a focus for further shared development with sufficient input from all steering group colleagues, for it ultimately to become a "theme" output of the project itself, in the project's collective name, rather than under the individual name of Rabbi Allen

So this will in the project steering group meeting today be discussed as an example of a piece potentially posing these alternatives.

In the meantime, colleagues can offer "comments" and make "suggestions for change" as appropriate into the text. Such comments and proposed changes will then be visible to all. Colleagues will also be then be able to make responses to each other's comments and proposed track changes.

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