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FROM PAOLO BRANCA - paolo.branca - 11-07-2021

Dear all,

pls find attached 2 files with some old proposals written before the forum was developped

as you noticed I suggested to avoid some subjects far from contemporary western feeling about religions

It is not my intention to limitate our approach to sacred text following any 'new fashion' pretentions but to show how they meet in the same time old and new questions like: the beginning of universe and its final destination, what is 'time', and so on... the updated questions of last Physics, Psychoanalysis and Anthropology

Too many people think about religion as something related to mith, old legends and even the first reason of any conflict, especially the monotheistich ones

I think we have the opportunity to focusing the real and helping 'core' of believing at least in our 3 faiths

thank you and best